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Feeling Stuck?

Discover how you can make decisions to propel your life forward

Navigating Life's Decisions


Navigating Life's Decisions 💛

The decisions I make, make me love life 💕 Henrietta Cyrille

Guiding You To Make The Decisions That Work For You

I help women with decision-making, encouraging and supporting them to learn what works them; be it listening to their gut instinct or following their logic.

Even better, learn how to balance gut instinct and logical reasoning to get to the decisions that works for you.

Making Decisions

Is really simple if you just keep asking yourself WHY.

You don't need to pay for an expert, or talk to a friend. Your just need to keep asking yourself why and being honest with your answers.

🔑 Why should I stay in my job?

List 25 reasons why. This should help you compile a fairly comprehensive list of solid reasons.

e.g. Super growth opportunities

🔑 Why should I leave my job?

Again, write down your reasons, you want to have another comprehensive list of reasons.

e.g. Conflict with colleagues or superiors

Define the Problem

Start by clearly describing the problem as a question.

🔑 Why are you even thinking about leaving your job?

e.g. Feel stuck in my current job

🔑 What is happening that you want to change or fix?

e.g. Management always seem unhappy with my work performance

This initial clarity sets the stage for your questioning process.

Look for patterns

As you ask "why" and get answers, look for patterns or common themes.

🔑 Do you notice any recurring reasons?

e.g. Unfulfilling tasks or projects

🔑 Are you in the right type of job that fits your skills and personality?

e.g. Skill utilisation

This helps you understand the problem from different angles and uncover hidden connections.

Focus on The Solutions

Write down 100 available answers, options or/and potential outcomes.

🔑 Think about the long-term implications of each answer, option or/and potential outcome. 

e.g. Switch to a different department or team

🔑 Write down how each choice could impact your future. 

e.g. Improved skill development and marketability

🔑 Evaluate how each choice aligns with your goals and overall well-being.

e.g. Work-life balance and well-being

There's No Right or Wrong Answer

Unfortunately, there is no wrong or right answer.

🔑 If you are a person who loves logic then ask yourself "which answer, option or potential outcome seems most logical to me."

🔑 If you are a person who follows your emotions, then ask yourself, "which answer, option or potential outcome feels right or aligns with what truly matters to me."

Taking Action

Here are the real reasons why we find decision making so difficult:

🔑 Fear of the consequences

🔑 Fear of change

🔑 Fear of looking stupid

🔑 Fear of failing

If you fear taking action or would like me to help you with your "Why" questions and define your decision problem then contact me.

What people are saying

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I found myself in a negative and stumped mind set with no focus or direction.

With Henrietta's guidance, patience and thought provoking questions I am now starting a new project that I am passionate about.

If you have reservations or just need a steer in the right direction. Henrietta is definitely the right person to guide you through.

— Anna A

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Henrietta gave me the confidence to look at things from a different perspective as she is non-judgemental and easy to talk to. 

She has helped me to re-evaluate what is important to me and this has enabled me to make decisions for myself and for my family. 

I highly recommend her coaching programme.

— Susanne N

Special Offer


Special Offer 💛

Half Price Sessions

Share your decision experiences in an interview with me and you first two sessions will be half price.

Contact me to learn more.