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Navigating Life's Decisions


Navigating Life's Decisions πŸ’›

Reflective Listening Sessions πŸ’›

I have found that some people don't actually need or want life coaching sessions, they just need someone neutral, and non-judgemental to talk to; who is not afraid of being honest.

It is important to understand that there is no wrong or right way when †rying to make a decision. It's about what's best for you at that moment in time, with the information that you have.

But if you just want to talk; to get some constructive feedback and clarity then why not try my Reflective Listening Service. It's Β£32.50 and the session lasts up to 1hr.

It's not the same as a life coaching session because it does not require you to take any action, it's totally up to you.

What it will do:

  • is give you other options,
  • different perspectives,
  • possible solutions
  • the feeling of relief because you've been able to speak about it.

And that's The Power of Talking to someone who understands; whose purpose is to support; who's there to help you get unstuck and move your life forward.