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The decisions I make, make me love life

I help women with decision-making, encouraging and supporting them to listen and follow their gut instinct.

Henrietta Cyrille - Decision Coach

As a decision coach and teacher, I am all about self- development, personal growth and self-awareness. For me this means finding a space that allows me to think and work on myself.

Walking is my actual space, but where I walk is important. A walk in the park, along the canal or in a quiet side street, does wonders for my health, productivity and general well-being.

It gives me that time to think things through; to realign myself and plan my next steps.


  • Before talking to a life coach, find your space. It can be any activity and any space that works for you e.g. in your car, your conservatory, favourite coffee shop, local library, squash, swimming, running.

  • Visit your space on a regular basis, once a week, everyday for 15mins, 30mins 1hr, it's up to you.

  • Think about what's been troubling you, the decision problem that you are struggling with.

  • Write down your thoughts even if they do not make any sense. You can use sentences, bullet points, draw pictures, mind-map; whatever works for you.

  • Look thought these on a weekly, what do you notice, have you found a solution, or are you clearer about the type of help you need?

If you still need help then feel free to message me via WhatsApp

A little more about me

One of the decisions that worked for me, was when I started to make overpayments on my mortgage; I didn't have a goal or plan but when I saw how much money I had saved on interest in a year; that motivated me to make regular overpayments.

My inner voice said hinted that the decision to overpay would benefit me, but I didn't really understand how, until afterwards. Then my logic kicked in and helped me understand the benefits.

One of the decisions I struggled with was leaving my job to go self employed. I didn't have a clue about how hard it was going to be, I didn't know what I was going to do and whether I could make it work.

Working for myself has been quite lonely, when compared to teaching in a college and working with a team of people. However, it has also been a fantastic journey which has encouraged me to learn new skills and begin new friendships.

Why I love what I do!

Building confidence covers a wide range of topics but my favourite one is Decision Making, because when you make the decisions you are the master of your ship.

Being the master does not mean that it's plain sailing, I have been hit by a few storms and rough seas both in my teaching career and as a life coach.

But I really dislike people making decisions for me. Not all the outcomes have been positive, or ideal but my choices have got better and I am happy to make mistakes because that's how we learn, improve and grow.

How I work!

Confidence is about how you deal with our fear of the unknown; the repercussions; the consequences.

I support you by helping you devise:

  • an plan of action that you can follow and is built around your needs

  • a checklist that will keep you on track

  • question prompts to motivate you

This is done via the Planning Your Action Sessions

But lets face it, sometimes we are not always ready for action. Sometimes, we just need to talk to someone non-judgemental and bounce our ideas around.

If this is you then the Reflective Listening Session is ideal. In this session, we talk and I give you constrictive feedback and a bit of tough love.

With both sessions I help you connect the dots; look at the situation from alternative viewpoints.

Contact me if you want to learn more about how we can work together.

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Contact me if you want to learn more about how we can work together.